I could not reconcile people declaring that they knew all about God whilst simultaneously declaring that things like suffering were mysteries. I could not reconcile a God of Love with so much evil being done in God's name.
I searched and when I found the answers I cried "Eureka!!"
Thus, the Eureka Gem, image below was formulated.

Eureka Gem


Many sad things are happening around the world. We have been held to ransom by a virus that is smaller than a pin-prick and we are experiencing much besides as well. Although God created the possibility for disasters, He is not their immediate cause, WE are.
In the Autobiography Sri Yoganandaji speaks of a statement made by the great Master Lahiri Mahasaya. He said that 'man's capacity for getting himself into trouble is endless', but he also said, that the 'infinite Succor (God) is no less resourceful' ("Autobiography of a Yogi" Paramhansa Yogananda, SRF Pub. L.A. Second Collector's Edition 2021. P.376). Succor, in English means help in times of hardship and distress.
I trust that you will let the Autobiographical Masterpiece speak for itself and that you will feel free to share incidences of Divine Succor below.




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Thee Tablet

Diana Edgar

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