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Gold QuartzGold Quartz
There is a new gold rush and it is hitting big in Southern Arizona. Was that gold rush? Oh yes it was, gold in natural quartz has now been implemented by Eureka Gems LLC. 18KT to pure gold is infused into natural quartz stone through a new hydrothermal heat pressure process. Replicating how mother nature produces natural gold quartz. Unlike synthetic opals or other man made gemstones, higher end jewelers are accepting the gold in quartz simply for the fact its not a plastic or a precipitated specimen, its NATURAL quartz stone with real gold patterns. Eureka Gems Glacier Gold is taking the look of gemstones and jewelry to the next level. "Its natural quartz and its real gold." Said Randy Polk of RK Fine Jewelry. Eureka Gems LLC also carries lines of Silver in Quartz "Silver Lightning". Silver in natural smokey, clear and milky white quartz stone. Eureka Gems, always the perfect look.

Calibrated and freeform cabochons are now available for wholesale purchase. Click on picture of Cabochons below to view pictures and pricing of Cabochons.

The value of Glacier Gold varies with each piece. No two pieces are alike, each displaying its own unique characteristics depending on the color of the quartz, the amount of gold in the quartz and its distribution. The more gold present increases its value, which is based on the weight.
The color of the quartz can vary, but the bright white and iridescent quartz is considered among the most highly prized, and it is the material we seek to produce. Our production shop cuts the gold bearing quartz into slabs. The slabs are then stabilized to facilitate a smooth cutting process from slab to cabochons. Only the best quality Glacier Gold goes to the retail market, unlike natural material, Glacier Gold is and always will be the perfect look.

Gold in Quartz Jewelry will soon be available for wholesale purhcase. Click on image above to go to the Gold Quartz jewelry section of Eureka Gems LLC

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